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Diversity Thunder Bay

What is Diversity Thunder Bay?

Diversity Thunder Bay consists of groups and organizations concerned about the issues of diversity and racism in Thunder Bay, Ontario. These members have cooperated over the years on a variety of initiatives and committees. Diversity Thunder Bay was established as a result of the need to re-evaluate the effectiveness of our community's anti-racism initiatives and to collectively address the issue of racism. Racism has effects on some of our community's most vulnerable residents, and a real cost to the community as a whole.

Over the past fifteen years, a number of initiatives have been developed and implemented. These initiatives range from the March 21st International Day Against Racism, June 21st Aboriginal Day Celebrations, and Heritage Days, to advisory committees, policy making and anti-racism education.

Eventually, a vision of a new body working from a more permanent, year-round basis developed. Diversity Thunder Bay, organized in 2000, is that new body. The Diversity Thunder Bay coalition consists of representatives from many organizations, spanning business, education, political, multi-cultural and other sectors.

This page provides an overview of the study conducted by Diversity Thunder Bay between September and December 2001. It is called "A Community of Acceptance: Respect For Thunder Bay's Diversity."
A summary of the purpose of the study is below.

"A Community of Acceptance: Respect for Thunder Bay's Diversity" - is available for download. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Report Summary (6 pages)

Full Report (145 pages)

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A Community of Acceptance: Respect for Thunder Bay's Diversity

A research project with three primary purposes:

The first purpose is to document some of the racialization that occurs in Thunder Bay. One barrier to real progress in this area appears to stem from prevailing attitudes that "racism does not exist in our community." Victims of racism, as well as groups and individuals that advocate for change, have consistently found themselves in the position of having to argue and debate the existence of racism. These efforts, energies and resources would be better directed towards successfully effecting change, eliminating racism and promoting understanding and acceptance of multiculturalism and diversity in Thunder Bay.

The second purpose is to create a Community Strategic Action Plan from information gained from the study. This information will provide an understanding of how and where racialization occurs in our community, the barriers to the elimination of racism, and the extent of awareness of racialization in the community.

The final purpose of the project is to be a vehicle for increasing community awareness of racism, its effects and consequences on the community as a whole.

The project is funded by a $38,000 grant from Canadian Heritage, the federal department responsible for multiculturalism, diversity, sport and culture.